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Great news!
Jon Schober of the Current blog wrote a really great review of “Aliens” right here:

“The great thing about Oleh Zaychenko’s project is its startling frankness — his words are exposed and honest. So when I hear the first line of "Aliens” — “I got abducted by aliens” — I’m poised to give him props for having the courage to say such a recycled phrase with 100 percent confidence. And during the next three minutes, we’re treated to the addition of several more instruments that eliminate any feeling of sparseness. Zaychenko seems to know that he has to pull something interesting out of his hat to keep the engagement level in check. From that point forward, the lyrics continue to grow more interesting as each new beat gets added to the mix. This is again the music of a Macalester College student and a Twin Cities transplant via Chicago and Ukraine. He graduates in May — let’s keep him around"

Thanks, Jon!