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Feature: The Indie Rock Playlist (February 2014)

Good news for people who like my song “Don’t Break My Heart”!

If you wanna hear it surrounded by some amazing other songs, head onto The Indie Rock Playlist and check out their playlist for February 2014! 

Bad news for people who dislike it dough.

Feature: BIRP! December 2013 Indie Playlist

It looks like Bring Prudence made it onto the December 2013 Indie Playlist! Thanks guys!

Very honored to be next to The Head and the Heart, Okkervil River, and José Gonzáles. Click on the image to listen to the entire playlist:


Bring Prudence - "Furniture"

What a great write-up by Matt Bomarr from the Bomarr Blog! Thanks, Matt!

And if you wanna hear “Furniture”, you can play it right here

Review: Indie Rock Cafe

Check out this neat feature on Bring Prudence by Indie Rock Cafe in their article “5 DIY Solo Artists You’ve Gotta Hear, Vol. 1”. So cool!

Thanks Indie Rock Cafe! It’s especially awesome to be featured alongside Davis Fetter, Ben Kernion, Tapes & Tubes, and and Ian Burn!