Bring Prudence


The Unfortunate Story of Bryce the Otter

When you’re an otter, nothing is alright.
You wonder why you have to sleep without Benadryl.
It’s hard to breathe at night.

Your friends say, read some. Make it light,
or buy a mattress at Goodwill.

When you’re an otter, friends aren’t alright.

You know yourself. You won’t give up a fight.
These modern otters haven’t swum uphill.
It’s hard to breathe at night.

We’ll just walk in. We’ll wave our guns. Stop being so uptight!
They give us Benadryl or they get killed.

When you’re an otter, stealing is alright.

Who knew that CVS could run so tight?
Police showed up and things just went downhill.
It’s hard for me to breathe tonight.

Just ten more years ‘til I see the light.
Thank Otter God they feed us gruel still.
When you’re an otter, jail is alright.
And yet it’s hard to breathe at night.