Bring Prudence


My first full-length album - Red Horses - is out now on my label Brilliant Green Records.

Thank you: Jared van Fleet, Mary Houlihan, Andrew Fairweather,  Willie Gambucci, Ieva Urbaite, Bella Carter, Ethan Barhydt, and the entire cast of The Calm Sparrow. 


Thank you: Ryan, Erin, Kerry, Elijah, Maya, Corbin, Devin, Mandy, Aaron, and Emma. All my friends and people who supported me and gave me pats on the back (except that one dude who did it at the store). You mean a lot to me, and I couldn't have done this without your help.

Released Aug. 5, 2013


This album was recorded in about a year in various rooms.

Released Dec. 6, 2010